A symposium can be defined as a gathering where opinions are shared on a wide variety of topics [usually accompanied by drinking the good stuff]. We believe that we share the space of such a unique and important place in time where individuals from all backgrounds can come together to have the difficult discussions that have been ignored or silenced for far too long. The creators behind this open forum wanted to be intentional in bringing to light subjects that for the most part has been taboo for those inside and also outside the Church to discuss. We will tackle everyday events that affect the few as well as the big ideas that affect us all.

All of our content creators want this to be a safe place for the exchange of ideas and principles. We will NOT tolerate any malicious, hate filled attacks on anyone because of their race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or economic status. While the opinions shared by each of our authors are solely their own, we will not be a place that breeds division and prejudice.

With that being said, pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass.